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St James School Choir 1930s
WSPANE banner St James C of E School Choir 1930s

Back Row : Kenneth Pointon - Joan Ethrington - Pat Winterburn - Joan Hornby - Margaret Crossley - Mabel Dyson - Doreen Lavender - Betty Crossley - Mary Gascoine - Alison Demain - Horace Noble - Vera Haliday
Middle Row: Rene Maltby - Olive Gale - Jean Ward - Kath Barton - Kath Devine - Joan Chambers - Kath Suteran - Gwen Gray - Joyce Watham - Phylis Seymore - Dorothy Hudson - Betty Utley
Front Row: Hubert Robinson - Georgie Bower - Peter Simmons - Bill Ethrington - Gerald Newis - Reg Tatterton - Kenneth Gray - Bernard Wheelhouse - Gordon Woolstenholme

submitted by Dave Clark, July 4th 2014
additional info from Diana Oakley

"Here's one from the family archives - St James School Choir 1930s, and features my mother, Betty Crossley (Clark) and Aunt, Margaret Crossley (Holohan)." - DC
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