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St James Church Rooms 1954 - Class 3
WSPANE banner St James C of E, Bank Street Class 3 1954

back row : Mrs Hodgson (teacher) - Raymond Cooper - John Salmon - Terry Moffatt - Alan Arblaster - Christopher Nicholson - David Howard - Tony Atkinson - David Taylor - Stuart Sivel - Graham England - Terry Brindle - David Milner - Mr Wilf Morris (headmaster)
middle row : Raymond Noble - Bill Atherford - John Purvis (?) - Pauline Taylor - Judith Butler - Pauline Honeyman - Christine Hill - Rosemary Roberts - Pauline Whattam - Kenneth Bulmer - Derek Bewell - Billy Hudson
front row : Jean Taylor - Pauline Field - Christine Brown - Sandra Allenby - Esther Horton - Maureen Lyons - Wendy Gray (?) - Ann Slater - Enid Wiggins - Pat Shaw
floor : Michael Milner - David Lodge (not Stan Maltby as originally published)

Taken from the Wetherby News, whose contribution to the cause is acknowledged.
additional info suggested by friend of the site and benefactor David Lodge, Stuart Sivel and Hamilton Craven
As I remember, this was all one class and have a few more names that went with it; Harry Fairclough (Ainsty Lodge), David Charlesworth (Ainsty Lodge), Howard Watkinson, Janet Smith and Joan Smith (twins). Maybe a girl called Moria Bland but not sure if she came later. - HC
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