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St James C of E 1953 - Mr Moore's Class
WSPANE banner St James C of E School. Mr Moore's Class, 1953

back row : Mr Moore - Peter Drury - Peter Santer - Maurice Noble - Tony Smith - Paul Fullford - Trevor Popkins - David Marriott - David Webster - Raymond Woodhouse - Terry Apew - Mr W. Morris (headmaster)
middle row : Leonard Wray - Geoffrey Gell - Colin Richardson - John Prince - Roger Bean - Philip Adams - Godfrey Todd - Michael Kitchen - Philip Alexander - Richard Chambers
front row : Celia Dawson - Donella Selves - Carol Cooper - Sheila Riach - Brenda Mead - Pamela Lang - Janet Scruton - Elaine Myers - Ruth Slack

submitted by Roger Bean, November 22nd 2002, additional info from Celia Dawson (now Pawson) and Peter Lister.
I attended the Church School from 1948 to 1954 then went to Knaresborough Grammar School. Most of the other scholarship pupils went to Tadcaster Grammar although I think that Ruth Slack went on to Knaresborough - RB
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