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St James C of E Music Festival Winners 1936
WSPANE banner St James C of E, Bank Street. Ilkley Music Festival Winners 1936

names known : Dorothy Scruton, second row at the end, next to a boy playing a triangle. Other names remembered include Joyce Utley, Beryl Wolstenholme with possible sightings of Jean Sugden, Betty Adams and Doreen Bridges. Does anyone recognise anybody else here?
Update: March 2nd 2005: Left Back Row Maurice Wormald, 2nd row Della Copeland, William Whatam, Winnie Bridges, Muriel Auton, Joan Adams, Beryl Wolstenholme. 3rd row in middle Sheila Graham, Joan Hornby, Pearl Hoy, Muriel Hudson, Doreen Bridges, Joyce Utley AND someone called Chambers, Jean Sugden....

Submitted by Lorna Thornton (nee Scruton), January 5th 2004. Taken in the church car park in Bank Street. Interesting to note how many pictures in the archive were taken on this spot. Lorna remembers going to the festival in Ilkley on another occasion:
"we all got boxes of Pontefract cakes (that being a small round liquorice sweet, never seen them for years)"
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